Leap of Faith [ 2000 - 2003 ]Raised in a Catholic Family, I was indoctrinated within an intense religious belief system, beliefs that I shared with my parents until college. However, after I was exposed to a larger picture of the world, my faith began to crumble.Though I realize that there are scientists who believe in the spiritual, I have concluded that they have been able to make that leap of faith which the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard wrote about. However, as much as I would like to make this leap, I cannot. I cannot reconcile my understanding of logic and scientific methodology with my desire for the spiritual.

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Media: These works are created from digital photographs and printed as large archival murals on canvas and paper. The works on paper are printed 10 x 30 inches in editions of 10. A single canvas print (usually 25 x 75 inches) is also printed using UV pigments.