Grab Bag [1989 - Present Day] These twenty works come from a variety of projects and represent a timeline of some of my notable works and are summarized below. Some of these projects represented are ongoing, but the first works go back to my undergraduate days at The Ohio State University.

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Hand-Colored Negatives: As an undergraduate student, I worked obsessively as I discovered the beauty of the photographic medium. These works were printed on color C paper from 4 x 5 inch black and white negatives that I hand-colored with markers.

Collaborative Projects: Most of these mages come from a print collaboration with Heather Freeman entitled Fluid Dynamics. There is also a still from the collaborative installation with Malena Bergmann entitled Doesn't Dream

Ceremonial Spaces: Works created after travle to the Yucatan and Central America.

Beer Labels: I like to make beer. When I brew something I really like I make it repeatedly and it gets a label crafted from my photographic imagery. More information about the work beers can be found on my blog.

Irish Landscape: The family visited Ireland in 2018, spending most of the time in and near Killarney. These landscapes are the result.

The Happy SAHD Series: Happy SAHD (Stay at Home Dad) chronicles the time I spend raising my boy Quinn. Fatherhood, and the resultant images are ongoing, though I was only a stay-at-home-dad for a semester.