Dig [ 2010 - 2013 ]I watch my son dig. It seems he has had this urge since I first sat him down in dirt. I remember being the same way, scratching across rich Ohio soil with a sharp stick. This reminds me that we are constantly picking away at the surface of things. In a metaphorical way, this Dig series of photographic images addresses this idea across a range of symbols - from memories obscured by time, to bodies dissected, to bones concealed by sediment, to artifacts swallowed by the sea.

Media: These works are created from original photographs and charcoal drawings and layered in Adobe Photoshop.The images are printed on large sheets of Sateen cotton cloth. The largest works measure 44 x 90 inches and are stiched and hung from rods. The smaller horizontal and square works are mounted to wood and coated in thick layers of archival art wax.