The Logo for Jeff Murphy, artsit

Grab Bag [1989 - Present Day]: These twenty works come from a variety of projects. Some of these projects are ongoing, while others go back to my undergraduate days at Ohio State University.

Works 1-4: As an undergraduate student, I worked obsessively as I discovered the beauty of the photographic medium. These works were printed on color C paper from 4 x 5 inch black and white negatives that I hand-colored with markers.

Works 5-8: These continued the exploration of the hand-colored mark making but with self-portraiture. The latter images were scanned and reworked digitally as I came to utilize Adobe Photoshop in my work.

Works 9-10: A few images constructed from the gargoyles I've photographed in my travels.

Works 11: A still from the collaborative installation with Malena Bergmann entitled Doesn't Dream.

Works 12-15: Images from the ongoing collaboration with Heather Freeman entitled Fluid Dynamics. More of these images can be seen on her portfolio website

Works 16-17: My interest in the landscape drove my initial interest in photography. It obviously plays a key element in all of my digital work. These are a few outtakes that didn't fit well into any other series.

Works 18-20, The Happy SAHD Series: The happy SAHD (Stay at Home Dad) chronicles the time I spend raising my boy Quinn.